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Text is too small on some images

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Can't post a screenshot unfortunately, as Ctrl+PrtSc is insufficient for accurately capturing my issue since Ctrl hides the text cursor.


Whenever I use the text tool, sometimes the text is too small. For example, when trying to use 12pt Helvetica, it pops up about 2pt, or at least it's 2 pixels tall. Text works fine most of the time, but about 10% of the time it has this issue.

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I've found that sometimes on Paint.NET, the text tool will glitch out and make my text far smaller than it needs to be. For example, in order to get the equivalent of 12pt text, I have to set the text size at 84pt in order to get the font size that I need. This happens on all image types, though I've found it particularly common on .pdn formats.


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