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A question on the Twist Plugin

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Great plug-in! At first I couldn't figure it out, lol, then saw the twist begin when I held my cursor in place! 
My question... I can make a great twist that goes from right to left. How do you make it go in the opposite direction? I don't see any directional choice. 

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I showed you how to use the built-in Twist effect.


Sorry, but, I don't know anything about @pyrochild's Twist effect.


If you're having a problem with a specific plugin, you should post in that plugin's thread so that the effect's author will see your post and respond.


Post here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/18655-twist/



I'm just going to close this thread.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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