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  1. Ditto - PaintNet is awesome! If it only had masking, no one would need anything else!
  2. Hmmm I don't get that menu, I'll attach a screenshot
  3. Great plug-in! At first I couldn't figure it out, lol, then saw the twist begin when I held my cursor in place! My question... I can make a great twist that goes from right to left. How do you make it go in the opposite direction? I don't see any directional choice.
  4. HiReZ and welshblue Thank you both!!! As I'm sure you can tell, I'm rather new to I'm learning!! And overall my design is looking great, except for her "floating feet" lol. I'll grab that plugin, HiReZ... thanks so much!!! And try your suggestion too, welshblue, I think both the shadow effect is needed and the sand needs to look like someone is standing on it I appreciate your quick answers!
  5. I attempted to attach the picture above but don't see it, do you? (anyone)? LOL.
  6. Actually she does look like she floating... I don't want her to float, I want it to appear that she's actually standing on the sand
  7. There are other layers that will go with this of course. She will be releasing a flowing bunch of butterflies, and there will be a big moon behind the whole picture.
  8. I have one layer of a dead tree in the desert with reddish sand. I have another layer with a girl... the area around the girl is transparent so only the girl shows. I put the layer with the girl on top of the layer with the sandy desert. It appears as if she's floating above the sand. If I try to smudge the sand, it still appears as if shes floating above it because she's superimposed on top of that layer. So my assumption is that I need to merge those two layers, then somehow fiddle with the area around her feet to make it appear that she's standing in the sand, not floating above it like a little angel What is the best tool or tools to use to just affect the area around her feet rather than the whole picture? I'll try to attach the picture... I lowered the quality of the jpg to make it a smaller file but you can see her feet and the floating effect...
  9. I have a girl standing on the red sand of a desert. But I need to blend around her feet or she looks like she's floating. I'm not sure how to do that and make it look right. Can someone point me to a tutorial or have an idea for me? I tried searching but got all kinds of crazy stuff back with zillions of pages, lol. TIA
  10. Oh My Gosh (((hugs))) I did NOT notice there were TWO functions... I was indeed under Image. I was about to go bonkers! Thank you SO much
  11. Egads, I'm about to pull my hair out! I have 4 layers in my project. I unchecked all but one. I made sure that ONE is highlighted. None of the others are highlighted or checked. I have not merged any layers. Only the one is showing on the screen. I need to flip the picture horizontally. It's a girl and she's facing the wrong way. But when I pick "flip Horizontally" it affects ALL the layers and everything on the other layers is also flipped horizontally. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I'm fairly new to, so that may be part of the problem, lol. But here's what's happening: I'm trying to create an ebook cover. I have several layers. I want to put a glow around my text. And this is where I''m running into trouble. I unselected all the layers except two with text. I'm trying to re-color using the recolor tool. But everytime I drag the circle over the text, it affects the background layer by drawing a path of that color on it. The background layer is NOT CHECKED. i.e. not selected. But it's drawing on it as if it is. How can I make it stop? I'm assuming there's some function I'm missing but I sure can't find it. Thanks for helping, If you can.
  13. Oooooo could you please, pretty please, make a heal tool? Clone is very naughty