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Histogram vs Curves

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The PDF was very helpful. So was the simple guide that toe_heaad2001 offered. FYI my experience in TV production and editing has added to my knowledge of primary and secondary (complementary) color. A TV control room wouldn't be complete without a waveform and vector scope.

I understand very well what I'm looking at when I open levels and see the graph. The higher the curve the more pixels have recorded that color in that point in the scale from black to white (grey scale, which by the way, we use to use a lot in TV).

What I needed was an explanation of what the other stuff was, numbers etc. What they call dialog.

I previously was processing RAW with curves, but now knowing more of Levels, I find that I have better and more precise control of color and contrast. I also added a plugin for white balance and other effects. My Nikon does a pretty good job with Auto White Balance, though.

Thanks again for your help.

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