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Copy color but keep destination opacity, or vice versa.

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I've been looking all morning for a way to achieve this but can't find anything. I resorted to editing my image pixel by pixel (I wrote a bot to control my cursor) but feel there has to be a much easier and far more effective method.


Let's say I had these two layers in my image: http://imgur.com/ji5vnAchttp://imgur.com/FajyNuE. (The black background is merely for visibility and not actually there.) Now, I want to produce an image that has all the RGB values from the gradient, but all the opacity values from the other image resulting in an effect similar to what can be seen here http://imgur.com/ph7aitr. (Again the black background is merely for visibility.)

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That's something I do often. You need to use a plugin that allows you to move the alpha values of a layer. I use Paste Alpha from BoltBait's plugin pack.


To you use Paste Alpha to transfer the alpha:

- Make the layer with the alpha you want the active layer.

- Press Ctrl-C to copy the layer to the clipboard (note: you do not need to do a Select All first).

- Switch to the layer whose alpha you want to replace.

- Run Object>Paste Alpha, making sure the alpha source is alpha, not shades of gray.

(The alpha can also be copied from a different image.)


(I see toe_head2001 replied while I was typing this, but I'll post it anyway.)


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