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Delete area and fill with solid color

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Hi all,


I am trying to use Paint.Net as kind of sketchbook (in conjunction with a digitizer-tablet), and have a quick question about how to increase usability for me:


- if I drag a selection box over an area I wish to delete, and press "del", the box gets cleared, and the transparent color pattern appears. I find this annoying; i want the deleted ara filled solid white, to resemble a real sheet of paper's behaviour.


The only solution coming to my mind so far was adding another layer, filling it solid white, and stacking it behind my drawing layer. This works, but it makes my sheet a 2 layer thing, which is cumbersome to set up (create a new sketch) and also creates difficulties when saving/exporting it to different drawing formats.


Any way to get what I want? Delete the outlined area, and fill it solid white?



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Hi Iron,


tanks for your input. I do, however, think that this approach is not a real enhancement in my scenario, but just replacement of one cumbersome solution, which has unwanted side effects, with a different one.





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4 hours ago, Nimral said:

if I drag a selection box over an area I wish to delete, and press "del", the box gets cleared


Highlight your area and press Shift+Backspace.  This will fill the area with your secondary color.


To fill with primary color, press Backspace (without shift) instead.

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