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transparent layer merge drops transparency

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If the layer is 100% transparent, then there is in fact nothing to see and instead merging down the layer above you could simply delete the lower layer. If I've understand you in a wrong way, please describe it more precise and maybe with an screenshot for illustration.

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3 hours ago, Michael Lowden said:

I have an issue when merging from a partially transparent (~30%) layer down to a 100% layer. The transparency gets dropped and seems to inherent the 100% of the lower layer. Am I using it wrong?


I don't want to say you're wrong, but the behavior on merging is exactly what would be expected. If you have a partially transparent layer on top of an opaque layer, then before merging the combination will be opaque: none of the lower layers will show through. So the merged layer is also opaque. The alpha-blending equation is the sum of the alphas (considered as values between 0 and 1) minus their product. If either layer is opaque, the merged layer will be opaque (1 + a - 1 * a = 1).


EDIT: Modified because I wasn't certain what some of what I'd said was precisely true.

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