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.jpg compression

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Hi Folks,


Newbie here. Really like this Paint.NET program but one suggestion. Could you possibly increase the compression? especially .jpg images.

I loaded up a photo taken from my phone and reduced the image size considerably, but the image size was still pretty huge.

I ended up having to load it into Paint Shop Pro to reduce it because it was still too big to email it.


Apart from that it's a great project you have here. If compression rate were increased/improved then I would probably drop

Paint Shop Pro all together!





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3 minutes ago, ymo1965 said:

Danke, I was using the 'save as' option instead of 'save' :/

SAVE AS is also correct. It doesn't matter. Using SAVE is better if the image already exist and can be overwritten. SAVE AS is better for choosing a new name and filetype.

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11 hours ago, ymo1965 said:

All it asks for is file name and to save it.


No. Not only the NAME. You have there below the field for the name a pulldown menu for the FILETYPE. Standard is PNG. But even there a dialog pops up after clicking SAVE. The same on JPEG with other options (see my screenshot).

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