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OnCustomizeConfigUIWindowProperties: What can it do?


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There's a method in the PropertyBasedEffects called OnCustomizeConfigUIWindowProperties. It's used to change the window title and initialize the Help menu, but I was wondering when exactly it gets called, and what else, if anything, can be done with it? In other words, is there anything else plugin programmers might want to use it for?


The code to change the window title is:

       protected override void OnCustomizeConfigUIWindowProperties(PropertyCollection props)
           // Change the effect's window title
           props[ControlInfoPropertyNames.WindowTitle].Value = "New Window Title";


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If you want to change the width of the dialog, assign a double to the value when using the WindowWidthScale enum.

props[ControlInfoPropertyNames.WindowWidthScale].Value = 1.5d;


If you want to make the dialog user-resizable, assign a boolean to the value when using the WindowIsSizable enum.

props[ControlInfoPropertyNames.WindowIsSizable].Value = true;


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I take it then that (as the name suggests) OnCustomizeConfigUIWindowProperties is used to modify the UI windows characteristics. Can it be said that OnCustomizeConfigUIWindowProperties is used exclusively to modify the UI windows characteristics, so it has no other uses?

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