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On downloading older versions of Paint.net...

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I wanted to install an older version of Paint.NET. So, I found the link to an older version that should work. But, when I tried I wound up with the most recent version!


What is this about? Is this intended behaviour? As if this is the case, I'd like for it to be reconsidered. Main example is Chocolatey users that now cannot install Paint.NET at all as file hashes do not match anymore this way.


Aside from that, the file does not contain what it says on the tin...


Kind regards!

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That is intentional. Only the latest version is available from the website, even if your link is for an old version.


That way even old links will still get you the latest version, as well as preventing the old links from breaking. And that is intentional.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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