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Speed up saving larger images?

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P.N seems unusually slow—at least on my system—at saving larger images. For example, I'm currently working with an image that's about 8K x 8K. When I saved it as PNG, then again as GIF, P.N took nearly a minute to create each preview, then nearly another minute to save the image itself.


At these times, I noticed P.N was using only about 25% of my system's quad-core CPU. Could this mean that P.N can't utilize more than one core at a time? If so, can that be improved?


Also, could it be easier to skip previews when saving images? When I click OK in the preview window, P.N. seems to cancel the preview (a "Save Configuration" dialog box appears that says "Canceling..."), but this doesn't seem to shorten the time I must wait till the "Save As..." window appears.


(And BTW, when you Edit a post here, the button to save your changes is cryptically labeled Edit Topic—which you're already doing. Save Changes seems more intuitive.)

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No, it's probably a CPU thing. GIFs and PNGs take a lot of CPU for saving, especially if you're doing 8K x 8K. They can't be parallelized, and they're handled by a Windows OS component (Windows Imaging Component, aka WIC). If you save as PDN, it will utilize all your cores.

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