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Batch conversion functionality

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Is there any particular reason that Paint.net doesn't have a batch file format conversation function, either natively or through a plugin? I've seen a few requests for it, but there just doesn't seem to be anything out there. I have Irfanview for it, but I'd really prefer to have one program that does it all - and since Paint.net does everything but that, I'm really curious why it seems so difficult to take that one final step.


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Ideally, Paint.net serves the purpose of providing editing options to separate images. As a result of that strict scope, there are no native animation or batching options, since they operate on/with a collection of images.


I'd imagine there aren't any plugins because 1) the plugin developers aren't personally interested in or don't require it themselves, and 2) options related to converting file formats are really hard to write -- the developer becomes responsible for knowing the details of the formats to convert to/from.

I've been telling everybody that wants image batching to try Phatch, since it's exclusively written for batching, and does a lot of things other image batching tools can't.

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There was a good batch file processor but hasn't worked since about the 3.5 distribution.

It's been removed as it was unsupported and did not function on later versions of Pdn.

A batch file processor for Pdn would make all my dreams come true (almost) :-)



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I have seen that the forum is asking for a "batch run" capability.
I have written a small program in vb6 (160 kb) to run macros in programs that allow commands via the keyboard.
This also works to apply PDN "Adjustments" and "effects" on files in a folder.
Is it possible to upload this program and put it on your site?


Edited by Rick: Don't post programs in ZIP files like that. It's very sketchy.


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