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Changin the color of objects?

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Ok, so i have a picture of my car, and what i would like to do is play around with coloring to play with decals and paintjobs and such. I have a picture of my car, and i want to simply change the color of the car. How would i go about doing so?

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Could you post a picture of the car?

The way i normally change car colour is by cutting out the parts where it is painted, and then using curves.

use this tut to cut out the body of the car:


Conditional Hue/Sat is quicker and better, but harder. :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas


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OK, if your car is gray, try this:

Create a new layer on top of the layer where your car is located.

Change the blending mode of your new layer to "multiply".

Choose a color for your car on the Colors docker window. :Colors:

Choose the paint brush tool. :PaintBrushTool:

Paint on your new layer.

Once you have painted over the entire car, you can use the Adjustments > Hue/Saturation effect to change the color. :HueSaturation:

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OK, open that image in Paint.NET

Use Adjustments > Black and White to make it really black and white.

Add a new layer on top of that car.

Fill the layer with a color by selecting a color in the colors docker and pressing Ctrl-A and Backspace.

Press F4 and change the blending mode to Overlay.

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