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Question about zoom blur

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Some days ago, I worked through Europe's tut "Make a Wave..." ... and in there s/he mentioned "zoom blur". Looking at the screenshots I see that it looks considerably different from the plugin "Zoom blur deluxe" which I've got.

Has the latter replaced the "simple" zoom blur? I used search several times, but all that comes up is just about the "fast zoom blur" which seems to be related to this zoom blur deluxe that I've got.

I just ask because I couldn't really reproduce the settings s/he indicated in the tut when using my deluxe version.

Thanks for enlightening me!

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Oh thanks a lot Ash, that really helped! My "normal" PDN version is a German localization so I had no idea which of the many blurs was to be the zoom blur! :)

But using your explanation I could see what it's called in German. (Actually, lately I think I might better switch to the English version of the program, that would make following the tuts a lot easier - but then: I have to explain it in German to my little students. So I'm kind of torn between the English and the German version.)

As to asking in the related tuts, my experiences lately weren't that encouraging, especially when the tut was not so new, some of them seem to be "abandoned". ;)

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