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Correct Circles?

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I've tried Gimp without luck. Adobe and Corel are not on my budget, and Microsoft Paint does not have a transparency feature. So, I turn to Paint.net once more.


But your circle tool once again is not completely "pixel correct." Where there should be a pixel, there is not, and where there shouldn't be a pixel, there is. See my attachments for details.


In the PDN Autocircle, we have the circle generated by PDN


In the User Circle, we have a circle created from scratch by the user, which is the actual perfect circle dimensions for 16 square pixels.


We can see how far PDN fell short with the Corrections Circle:


1. There was an extra pixel added to the circle

2. About 7 pixels were misaligned


So, when can we... or I... expect circles like Photoshop/Illustrator use?




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Why does no one answer my topics on forums about digital software? First Multi Media Fusion 2, now Paint.net! I feel as if I'm being singled out of the crowd as someone to not talk to.

This is a known issue that Rick Brewster (the only author of paint.net) knows about.


He will fix it eventually. Be patient.

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