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  1. Hello! I have a few multilayered sketches I'm trying to work with. When opening a new file, drawing with the pen tool works fine. However, when loading already created canvases with many layers and rasters, the pen tool doesn't respond whenever I draw in the image. I believe this is a memory issue, but I can't be certain because the image is not taking up that much ram. It's 1280 x 960 pixels with roughly 10 layers, mostly blank. If it it indeed a memory issue, and/or the scratch disks are full, how do I flush them? I don't mind getting rid of the undo histories, but the layers need to stay. Also, I can also draw with a mouse tool in those images, just not with the pen tool.
  2. It wasn't doing it before, just today it started. I haven't installed anything, and no viruses seem to be present. Was there an update with paint.net that I wasn't aware of today? Problem started occuring about an hour ago. I just tried restarting, and it didn't solve the issue.
  3. Hello. I'm trying to make a circle with anti-aliasing and 6 width with the shape. But when I place it, it seems to be just 2 individual circles overlapping each other. I'm using paint.net 14.0.9 Here's an image of what is happening. You'll need to open it and inspect it zoomed in to see the problem. I can't really give an example of what it should look like. All I know is that the outer should be darker, and the inner ring shouldn't exist I've Uploaded an additional document with my PC specs from Paint.net Specs.txt
  4. Ok, so, I have two images I would like to share: The first one is the original, unedited file. You may need Photoshop or some other program to see the actual pre-render. It appears to be the entire texture for a Chimera. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3853sozesw7iah9/Chimera_V00_t00_sp.tga However, the second image is an "alpha-restored" copy, with the Alpha Channel put to Full Opacity. As you can see... it is "destroyed". https://www.mediafire.com/file/sx44d0dfv2wum3o/Chimera_V00_t00_ori.tga It appears that paint.net does not "recognize" Full Transparent pixels, and thus, leaves it blank. Here's an image of the Chimera, taken from 3dsmax Does paint.net in any way support Fully Transparent pixels? EDIT #2: Okay, so, from what I've tinkered with, I found a transparency mapper plugin from the forums and already had it in paint.net. But I'm trying to make a black and white image for transparency purposes for 3dsmax. Image #1: Wings Regular Layer http://www.mediafire.com/file/x73a4l4avm4y61r/Chimera_V00_t01_ori.tga Image #2: Black and White Opacity Mask http://www.mediafire.com/file/qz1xp3loj5h0q0n/Chimera_V00_t01_ori_op.tga Using TR's Alpha Mapper shows ALL of the image, including Transparent pixels. This makes it all appear black, not transparent. Image #3: TR's Alpha Mapper of Chimaerahttp://www.mediafire.com/file/6h9497dxrvundfw/Chimera_V00_t00_TR.tga Simply removing the black parts with the magic wand wont work, as segments directly adjacent to the black segments must be semitransparent. Also, I have no idea what parts are actually transparent, so that option wouldn't work anyway. EDIT #3: It's apparently a DXTC3 (S3) Texture Compression. Perhaps this info would help.
  5. Why does no one answer my topics on forums about digital software? First Multi Media Fusion 2, now Paint.net! I feel as if I'm being singled out of the crowd as someone to not talk to.
  6. You forgot one thing: Autosave technically is a simple programming. What... is this a watch with so many features except the clock?!
  7. I've tried Gimp without luck. Adobe and Corel are not on my budget, and Microsoft Paint does not have a transparency feature. So, I turn to Paint.net once more. But your circle tool once again is not completely "pixel correct." Where there should be a pixel, there is not, and where there shouldn't be a pixel, there is. See my attachments for details. In the PDN Autocircle, we have the circle generated by PDN In the User Circle, we have a circle created from scratch by the user, which is the actual perfect circle dimensions for 16 square pixels. We can see how far PDN fell short with the Corrections Circle: 1. There was an extra pixel added to the circle 2. About 7 pixels were misaligned So, when can we... or I... expect circles like Photoshop/Illustrator use?
  8. Yes, the pack is still infected (Used sandbox to check) I have removed megalo plugins by doing a system restore. Luckly, whatever was going on wrong with megalo never happened to me, and still, after the restore, nothing mal appeared for me.
  9. Ok, so I have made my complaint. Now onto some questions. First question: There is some kind of combo button where you can alternate between moving your clicked line drawing hand tools, such as the in-between curvatures, to moving the entire dang object I'm stuck on this: When I click on the bending point, and use the arrow keys, the entire freaking object moves, not the individual points. There are 4 points in a line. They all move... unanimously. No bending, no curving. Just moving. Somewhere along the line, I hit a shortcut combo key not listed in the shortcut key guide that changed it to move the entire object instead of the bending points! How do I change it back? Please don't tell me that it doesn't do that or that there is no shortcut key. I must've hit it three times already, due to it working and not working. I have the latest installs of Windows 7 Home Premium and Paint dot Net, as well as Framework.
  10. Well, I had no idea about this. Come on, seriously? I've seen adobe have mass plug-ins officially, so why not paint.net? True, you can't redistribute most plugins without authorization, but how does a user know about it before it's downloaded? For Paint.net, it's one of the first things that comes up on the search! So the new and unexperienced user is BOUND to download it. By the way, I found these plug-ins useful, and never got a virus from it. So I don't know where your virus is leaking at. Right now, I'm using a pc without the plugins, due to a new nanovirus that has infected my PC down to the very hardware itself. The virus litterely turned my gaming pc to charcoal. So, I'm on my crummy laptop with the newest version of non-plugined Paint.net, which, unfortionately, doesn't serve it's purpose or it's reputation. What I'm trying to get at is this: Most users of paint.net have the megalo plugins and say it works wonders and is the best paint program ever due to ease of use. I thought that too. Now, I'm having to dig through the entire blinkin website to find every little plug-in to feed my needs and heart's content, or at least, every plugin I used previously. But some... just don't work like they did in the Megalo plugins. Megalo used the flawless versions of the plugins. Now, I'm downloading crappy versions that don't work anymore, plus, it's a long time till I get every one of those plug ins. One more thing I might mention. Whoever developed Megalo Plugins had a bright idea, and worked it out pretty good until you decided to update Paint.net and make them deprecated towards their installation paths. To make matters worse, you even made the program look different. It took me weeks to figure out what was where and why it was doing that, amoungst the loss of many program settings and such. I am hardpressed to say that this simplified version of paint.net is not what I once apprieciated and loved. I might as well go to gimp than deal with the likes of you. But I cannot escape the fact that gimp has it's own problems. Please don't delete this. This is a tribute for all who can see an upset user over paint.net, and everyone should see this and second guess "Is this the program I'm looking for?" Cause I'm new, I won't get any views at my journal, even if I hanged around long enough. I'm simply nobody in the online world, whether it be facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, whatever. I have no significance, so where am I to warn others? I have the right to say what I want to say, and people should let it be and not be so judgemental or discourteous. I've seen many bogus websites do this only to make themselves look better. So, that's the end of my complaints and rants. Now on to asking questions. Don't get me wrong, Paint.net is a wonderful free tool to use. But changes have been made, and I hope you find the time for us users to fix them, and not just for yourselves. As for Megalo Plugins, I agree... don't download them. I will reinforce the matter here: It's downright immoral piracy and theft!