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question from a newbie

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I know this sounds REALLY stupid, but I can't figure out which command to use to merge 2 layers.

Here's what happens. I open 2 images -- 2 very different photographs, because I'm just practicing. Then -- I want to merge them. But the command "merge layer down" is grayed, and inactive. Likewise the command "flatten".

That's the end. I'm stuck and can't go forward.

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It seems like you have confused images with layers. Layers are shown in the Layers child window (if you do not have this, go to the Window menu at the top and hit 'Reset window locations').

To merge the two photos, open one photo, and then add the next one by going to Layers > Import from File.

Or, you could open both photos, copy one of them, go to the other picture, and hit Ctrl + Shift + V, which will automatically paste onto a new layer.

Hope this helps!

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