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Feature Suggestion: View Individual Layer

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Often the best way to learn image editing techniques is to look at other PDN files, but often the description is not enough - I find myself hiding a layer in an attempt to discover precisely what the purpose of this layer is, often it is also a challenge to notice what has been hidden as the culprite has a subtle effect on the image. Thus in these cases the only way to realise the true purpose of this layer is to hide all others, which can take time when working with reasonably complicated images. And thus my suggestion is a new checkbox in the layer settings dialog box, when checked, this would only show the selected layer and hide all others, and while for the purpose of preventing confusion this would still take effect when the dialog is closed, it would be intended for the use during the lifetime of the layer dialog.


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I like the way The GIMP* handles this particular behavior. Clicking the visibility toggle for a layer will toggle that layer - [shift]+clicking on the visibility toggle for a layer will toggle all other layers to hidden and make that layer visible if necessary.

*I'm not sure whether or not this is the same way Photoshop handles it, and I don't have it to test, but it seems like a rather intuitive way to handle alternate functions with the established keyboard+click=modifier structure for the tools already in place.

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