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How can I define the grid size?

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I just typed my whole question in and lost it. Here goes again. A grid size of 1 pixel is no good to me. I need to use a variety of sizes for different projects. One might be 10 x 10, another 20 x 20 or 100 x 100. I keep having to make these in each project as a layer which I later hide. I use the grids for positioning items within the picture. Is there any way to set the grid size and then change it?

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Hello Eleonora,
The built-in pixel grid cannot be adjusted.

However there are various plugins that will allow you to make a grid of your chosen size.
The plugin index is very useful for finding the best one for you.


I would recommend this one:


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Hello Red Ocre, thanks for this. It helps somewhat but is still a rather mickey mouse solution. I have to make a grid layer and position it between the lower layers and the one I am working on. What I would really like is a true interface grid that was not part of the image and always visible in whatever layer you are working until you just toggle it off. At least this solution helps me make my grid quickly, saving loads of time. Also if I wanted to make a checkerboard pattern, that's the way to do it! Thanks. Eleonora

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Hello eleonora,


Paint.Net Grid display shows a 1x1 pixel grid but there are other solutions for creating grids. I usually create one on a transparent layer and place it on upper most layer. Then I just toggle On/Off the layer.


When I need grids Red Ochre's Table effect is a great option.

I you know some HTML you can use EER's Markup Renderer.

I also use toe_head2001 Graph Paper.

This is nice too, Lines/Grid made by ReMake.

I almost forgot BoltBait's Grid Maker.

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