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Saving of Images

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Hello again,

I'm ready of improving my Image and are going to save it. When I open "Save under" I'm offered to enter a document name under the pre-adjusted file type .PNG. Of course, there is also the possibility to choose another type just like .gif / .tif/ .jpg / .pdn / etc.


How can I avoid that instead of the pre-adjusted .png - type my favourite file type JPG appears immediately without always changing from png to jpg? 


Thank you for your advise. Kind Regards,


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Hello. :)

If you have used layers I suggest saving in the pdn format first. Then, you can re-save to your favored format.

Although you like the jpg format, I think png is still paint.net's default saving format, and I don't think there is a way to change that.  Png is the default format because it is a lossless format. (you don't lose quality of the image when saving in png. jpgs lose quality).


You can learn more about paint.net's saving formats here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12189-how-to-save-your-images-under-different-file-types/

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Thank you for the reply. I was afraid of png being the default saving format without the possibility of changing.  Of course it is true, png has no quality loss and jpgs lose quality. But there are applications where such a high quality is not required and the size is 10x higher than a jpg-format.  

OK, if there is no other possibility, I will save all as png-format and change them afterwards into jpg.

Thank you.



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Since I only  save JPEG, no need for quality 10 times the size of it, I save it like
Ctrl + S
tyoe: name
tyoe J

It works, isn't even that slow.

Still I don't understand why not ad the possibility to save standard ANY other than PNG. It feels like "I know in my infinite wishdom" (hmmm sounds like a presidential  sun-king statement ?? ;)  )

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