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Crash while trying to save as .png

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For some reason my paint.net crashed while I was trying to save my work. The image I was working on had 2 layers. After I requested to save it. It asked me for the quality, and then whether I wanted to flatten my layers. Until this point everything looked fine and normal to me. I then clicked on 'Flatten' and immediately it crashed. After restarting paint.net I found out my work was not saved :(. Is there anyway to recover my work? I have included the crash log.


If you need any further information to investigate this bug, please let me know.


Edit: I can't attach the crash log, so I pasted it here: http://pastebin.com/4fL4GkGj

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I wish I could, I have tried to reproduce this, but so far no luck. What I basically did was:

  • I opened a .png image
  • I opened a .pdn image where I copied a whole layer (with a grid).
  • I added a new layer
  • I pasted the grid there.
  • I worked on it for a few hours. Mostly have been using the pencil tool. Sometimes the color picker, line tool, move selected pixels (copy pasting), and zoom tool.
  • Most of the time I hide the grid layer, and while trying to save, the grid layer was hidden too.
  • I probably used the pencil tool last, however it might also have been the line tool, move selected pixels, or the zoom tool. I probably did not use the color picker last. I'm sure that while editing I have not used these tools: lasso select, ellipse select, magic wand, gradient, eraser, clone stamp, recolor, text and shapes.
  • I tried to save it under a different name (as .png)
  • I have not changed any of the quality options.

It's quite hard for me to remember what I did, since I did not expect it to crash (I never had any crashes with pdn before) and was not really paying attention to what I doing exactly. Also while trying to reproduce the bug, it did not crash anymore. I hope this helps.

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I am also facing a similar issue. It happened thrice and all my work containing jpegs & pdns were deleted including the folder.

I have been creating .pdn files containing multiple layers and flattening it to a jpeg file. 


If I keep paint.net open for sometime, maybe an hour or so, the flattened jpeg file which were already opened from pdn conversion, shows star on it's window.

And when I tried saving it again, the folder was missing.



I realised on 4th time that it had crashed internally deleting the folder where it was opened, without any prompt.


I was using Paint.net 4.0.6 version.


Now I have upgraded to Paint.net 4.0.8, hoping that it won't repeat this behaviour.


Please look into this issue. Is it the flattening action which causes this behaviour or long running application consumes memory and crashes?




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Yeah this is bad. If someone can get me a reliable list of repro steps, I can probably fix this.


Also please post any crash logs you've got, even if you can't figure out how to repro it.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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Hi Rick,


Thanks. Unfortunately, the logs are overwritten by installing the new version.

I will keep posted, once I reproduce the same with new version 4.0.8.


I have been keeping the application open for more than an hour or 2 if my work is unfinished. And, eventually, the folder is deleted, however, the application state is not changed.

It shows all the opened files with asterisk, and if we try to open the closed ones within that folder, its not found.


Steps would be

1. Create new file.

2. Create multiple layers

3. Save as pdn

4. Save the pdn as jpeg.

5. Flatten the layers.

6. Again Create  and repeat 1-5 steps (minimum I create 7-8 pdns and its jpegs).

7. Leave the application state without closing any of the flattened files.

8. After some time or hours, the folder is not found and all the opened file in the application are marked with asterisk to save.


Its a Silent background crash, which dont show up in the Application.


Maybe, the above info will come handy to correct the error.




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Paint.NET won't be the one deleting your images, nor their containing folder. I'm not sure what's going on with your system there.


I don't have the slightest idea what you mean by "silent background crash." If Paint.NET crashes, it will show a crash dialog and it will exit. Or Windows will show its own crash dialog. In either case, it won't restart and load up your images again.


Honestly, your symptoms sound more like a virus than a bug in Paint.NET.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Yes, in my case the images, or their folder weren't deleted. However the work I did on them wasn't saved either. The image file was still the same as before, unchanged. Also when paint.net crashed I did got the paint.net crash dialog.

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the prompt reply.


Fortunately after installing the new version 4.0.8, I didn't observe anything bad yet.

However, I was not able to diagnose the root cause of this behavior. As I ran my latest anti virus to check latest activity and checked eventviewer for logs.


It is definitely an awesome product to work on.



Unnikrishnan S.N

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