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'[' and ']' no longer resize brush during a stroke


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In previous versions of Paint.NET we were able to resize a brush stroke as we worked using the '[' and ']' keys. This still works when using these keys when no stroke is being made but once it starts these cannot be used.


Is this a feature that was taken out or a bug? I did not see any other topics on this using Google's search or the Paint.NET forums search


I can upload a video of the behavior if desired.

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I'm familiar with this. It was never an intentional feature, it was always accidental. The new brush rendering engine didn't really work with this (it crashed), and because of the aforementioned "it wasn't actually a feature"-ness, I didn't bother with it.


You're the first to comment about this ... ever. Congrats :)

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I noticed the brush thing too, and was a bit let down. But I figured it had something to do with how the 4.0 brush was practically a new brush, with the added soft/hardness and all. So I figured it just was something that wasn't possible anymore. If the ability to change brush size while drawing was possible, I would want it again.

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I had noticed this too and did not know why it was removed. It was very handy when hand drawing pointy lines. I would like to see it back if possible.


Rick, could this feature be added to the line/curve tool (start thick and end thin)? My hands are not very steady. :)

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