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Help finding text software to work with paint

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hey does anyone know of software i can use or download. for artistic and unusual text to

go with my pictures i am making on paint.net. and i am so loving my paintshop. i have even started making

some good money doing digital artwork with it. i just need a better text program since paint does not

do text. helppp pleaseee

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@ AUDS, please reread the rules, especially #3 & #5...

and @ jlstx3500: What type of effects are you trying to do? Paint.NET can do certain things with text, but it would be nice to see a picture so we could suggest something better, rather than suggesting other software.

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ok.. im feeling alittle dumb now i did find the text button on the tools bar.. .. and no im not blonde.lol i so if someone can show me some ways to make my text 3d or special in any way besides changing the type of font i would be really grateful

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