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Suggestion: More Shapes

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well, in paint.NET there are only 4 Shapes:

Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, elipse, and the selfmade

I suggest to make Shapes like:

-Stars with 3-12 prickles or something


-and maybe someone else have suggestions

but I would like the star very much

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Wouldn't the word "shapes" define better what you want? (Just a suggestion from someone whose 1st language is not English, but reading your title I first thought you spoke about "numbers" as "figures" can also be used in that meaning).


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Personally, I like the idea. There are 100s of shapes available in photoshop, many available as plug-ins and download packages. Maybe for PDN there are also some relevant plug-ins? I am not yet familiar enough with PDN, so I don't know about the plug-ins. I just downloaded PDN last Wednesday night and have been making my very first steps with the program "as is" till now.

I thought once I learned the basic routines, it's still time to care for more. ;)

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Maybe for PDN there are also some relevant plug-ins?
Indeed there is: Drawing Triangles, Pentagons and Stars Plugin by BoltBait. There is also a plugin more geared towards stars alone, the aptly named Stars Effect Plugin by MadJik, and what's more is pyochild's Borders N' Shapes which, contrary to the name, can also be used for other tasks besides bordering.

If I've missed one out, then it will do no harm to have a browse yourself through the Plugin section. If not, then I'm sure you have plenty to go along with.

At the moment, there has been no word of new shape designs being installed into Paint.NET as default, so for now the plugins listed is what you should turn to.

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Myrddin, thanks for the wealth of hints you are providing us newcomers with! Indeed I was looking into how I could make my signature "less flat" by working out the edge to a ..."more elevated" design .. guess you know what I mean, that's what in PS I used to do via the level manager -> properties. ;)

So there is also something in there for me... GREAT! I start to love PDN more every minute I busy myself with it!

(And the best thing is: I already have an idea as to how -as a newcomer myself- I can go about building up my computer workshop in school in the afternoons after the summer break. Btw. THIS is the reason why I landed here: our school wouldn't really have had the money to buy a full load of PS licenses for the computer classroom, so our IT counsellor pointed out that PDN exists. Before last Wednesday, I had had no idea about it!)

Yep, I LOVE PDN - though I don't even know how to use it properly (when it comes to the more refined appliances...) *lol*


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