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  1. first is rather nice 7/10 but the second is less nice 6/10 I don`t really like it, sorry :wink:
  2. tnx, will edit, but what bout the idea? (my english isn`t my first language too, I`m Dutch 8) )
  3. well, in paint.NET there are only 4 Shapes: Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, elipse, and the selfmade I suggest to make Shapes like: -Stars with 3-12 prickles or something -Hearts -and maybe someone else have suggestions but I would like the star very much
  4. I like your colour version, if you putted a cool font on it: 9/10 now a 7.5/10
  5. what about this one? and yes, I know its a little too fast
  6. 9/10, the sig looks very advanced a lot of techniques in it
  7. hmm, I`m new, I just saved my sig in my profile
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