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Transferring layer properties

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When I work with images, I often tend to use the blend modes in the layer's properties to make some nice effects, though there's a small glitch with it.

Whenever I apply some blend mode, and then merge the layer down to the one below, it resets as if there was no blend mode on it. This always happens, unless if it's the bottom layer I merge it to.

I'm not sure if this only effects the blend mode, or if it has an effect on the layer's transparancy too.

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I don't mean that the above layer's properties should replace the bottom layer's properties, but here's one way of telling it:

I've got 3 layers; Bottom, 2 and 3, where 3 is on top.

Lets say I have color burn as blending mode on layer 2 and 3.

When I merge layer 2 down to the bottom layer, it appears as if the color burn was a part of the image, and successfully merged down with the layer.

But, if I merge layer 3 down to the second layer, then it's like layer 3's properties resets and then merges down.

I've found a solution around this, which is simply to merge layer 2 down to the bottom first, and then merge layer 3 down. Though, I can't always use this, as I sometimes need all my layers.

Alternatively, I could let it be a layer by itself, but some times this can cause problems for me when I edit some of the other layers.

Though it's not too big of a problem, but I just thought I'd report it.

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Hey, BoltBait: I have always thought this was agrevating as well. Would it be possible to create a plugin that imported an image and blended it into the current layer?

Of course, but there is no need as you can always import a graphic to a new layer and just set its blending mode.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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Thanks for the help BoltBait, though too bad it seems it's an 'impossible to fix' problem :?

Though, while I read the thread you linked to, I just remembered one kinda obvious thing.

I could always try to copy the layers I want to merge into a new picture, and then just merge them there.

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