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Newbie here. Some basic Q's.

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I'm extremely new to Paint.NET. I've had a little fiddle around, but am struggling to do some of the basic things I know how to do on other programs (things I need to do to do the harder tings I downloaded this program for).

For instance, I'd like to be able to make a basic border for photos. I also like to be able to change to black and white and add text. I'd also like to be able to sharpen and blur photos or parts of them. (Yes, the real basics).

Also, I was wondering if it's possible to combine photos, using either a collage or overlaying technique?

I'm not fantastic at computers, but once I get the basics down I should be right. If anyone could lend me a hand that would be great.

Dirtbag x

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I was also wondering what the Magic Wand tool does, and how to use it correctly, because I have a feeling I'm not using it properly.

Edit: So, I've figured it out a little (and I mean a little). So I know the basics. But now, when I try to use it, it adds a purple tinge to the whole picture, and wont select one part. Help?

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Hello, welcome to the forums!

For the border: Use the rectangle tool ( :RectangleTool: )

To turn photos black and white: Go to Adjustments > Black and White ( :BlackAndWhite: )

or Ctrl + Shift + G

To add text: Use the text tool ( :TextTool: )

To blur: Go to Effects > Blurs > (select the type of blur)

blur certain areas: Duplicate the layer ( :DuplicateLayer: ), blur the top layer to your liking, and then use transparency

gradients ( :AlphaChannel: ) to fade it out. Check out the 'Fading/Blending: Gradient tool on a Camaro Picture' tutorial in the tutorials section. This could also be used to make collages, with different photos on different layers. Or you could try layer blending modes (press F4).

The magic wand tool is very useful. It selects portions of the image with a similar color to that of the pixel that you clicked on. It will select more or less, depending on the tolerance you set it to at the top of the window. For example, if you set it to 100% tolerance, it will select all of the image, because you tolerate everything. However, setting it to 0% tolerance will make it only select pixels of the exact same value as the one you clicked on. The purple/blue tinge that it creates, surrounded by the marching ants border, is the selection that the magic wand makes.

Hope this helps!

Call me expired. Please.


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That does, heaps. Thankyou.

I've attempted making certain parts of a picture coloured, with the background being black and white. 9in this instance, my eyes coloured, and the rest b&w).

I did it fine (flollowing a tutorial in the tutorial forum), but I could only make one eye coloured. The Magic Wand tool would only select one eye, and when I clicked on the other eye, instead of selcting that one as well, it selected that and left the first one unselected.

So I guess I'm asking if A) this is normal B) if I can fix it or C) is there any other way i can go around it?

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