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Paste as new image

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In the Edit menu, it would be nice to have a 'paste as new image' option. I take a lot of screenshots. In MSPaint, I can just set the startup new image size to be really small, so when I hit paste then it resizes to the exact correct size. However, since the default image size does not appear to be changable, it would be nice if I could just say Edit > Paste as new image and get an image sized exactly to the image on the clipboard.


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File -> Acquire -> From Clipboard

I've always overlooked the acquire in the File menu because I always ASSUME it is just for getting stuff from a scanner or the like. Your suggestion will save me time and a liitle frustration!!!

Thank you Master Rick (and Tom too)!!! :D

got to remember... file... acquire.... file... acquire...

(my memory's almost as bad as aatwo's!) :lol:


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