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  1. WOW! This is SO cool! Rick and Tom, you guys ROCK!!! I did this in only a couple minutes: I took picture A: Added picture B: And blended both together: tk
  2. 1st, search the forum, there are several posts related to this. 2nd, Paint.NET does not, as yet, have a spray can tool --as mentioned in numerous posts about this 3rd, my attempt at appeasing the hunger for a spray can tool: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1295 Good luck! tk
  3. Which both the Frosted Glass in PDN and the spray can from Paint give you an effect that looks like you're using a can of spray paint whose nozzel needs to be cleaned. I think the key word in your statement is "spattering". Of course, you are right about the frosted glass effect being very similar to Paint's spray can (sans the weighted effect). Personally, I prefer a smoother spray can effect, like what you get in Photoshop; but it will depend on A) personal preference, and the effect you're going for, as to which PDN tool to use. Ok, how about another twist on this... !! Follow steps 1-3 above, then duplicate that layer. On the original layer, follow step(s) 4 (and 5). On the duplicate layer, apply the Frosted Glass effect (I used the full setting of 10), and then set the transparency to about 35ish. Some of both worlds? There is just SO MUCH you can do with PDN!!! I love it!! I use it all the time to enhance screen shots for helping people I work with. 99% of them have proprietary stuff on them, so they would be inappropriate to post in the pictorium, but someday I'll get one that I can post. Best part? I can almost afford the license cost of PDN!! Tom and Rick, you guys do great work!! Thank YOU!!! tk
  4. Ok, I keep reading all this todo for some time about PDN lacking a spray tool, so I've decided to document a possible work around. It isn't pretty, but it might do if you're really desperate! :wink: 1) Add a new layer 2) Select the Paint Brush tool, set the width to something like 15 3) Paint what you would have sprayed 4) Effects/Blurs/Gaussian Blur 5) Play with the setting, but with a brush width of 15, setting the blur to 30 gives a pretty good resemblance of a spray. Play around with the brush width, and the blur setting to make it look good. The only bad thing (other than this is completely manual, tedious, and it'll take some getting used to ) is that blurring it tends to make it fairly transparent --but then maybe that's a good thing? tk
  5. I've always overlooked the acquire in the File menu because I always ASSUME it is just for getting stuff from a scanner or the like. Your suggestion will save me time and a liitle frustration!!! Thank you Master Rick (and Tom too)!!! got to remember... file... acquire.... file... acquire... (my memory's almost as bad as aatwo's!) tk
  6. This is kind of frustrating, I agree. At least a place in Options to define where to default to would be a help --would be nice to have this plus maximillian_x's suggestion as well. tk
  7. Good suggestion, and I only figured that out a few days ago, but it doesn't negate the part of the request about the virtual ruler lines (which I know you weren't trying to do ). They still would be a nice feature to have. tk
  8. You can use the status bar for the exact coordinates; however I would really like this feature added to PDN. In PS, I use it to line up objects easily. I do miss it here. sniff. tk
  9. @ BuzzKill Ya, I know, and I was hesitant about saying anything about it because I know what you mean. Gee, if one didn't know any better, they might thing you are trying to simulate... water and waves!!!! tk
  10. WOW!!! BuzzKill that is AWESOME!!!! Only one thing I noticed, though, in your sigbar.... You probably already know this and/or wanted it this way, but the reflection is right side up, instead of being upside down as a reflection would be... But that Batman image is superior!!! I put that right up there with your fire orb, Rick's new sigbar and Crazy Dan's PDN orb as my favorite images from this post! tk
  11. SWEET! Thanks, that's exactly what I needed! Thanks, tk
  12. Here's the steps I'm going through: - Open image - set prim/sec colors to b/w (click little b/w icon below left of colors) - Open color pallet, change Transparency - Alpha to 0 - Effects/Code Lab... - Load Source - TransFade1.cs - (ok) Sometimes it fades up, sometimes it fades down. :shock: :? How do I control that? Thanks, tk
  13. Or try this: (make sure you're on the correct layer, if you try this first thing after opening the image, this is a moot point) Go to the Layers menu, then Rotate / Zoom, and pick whatever degree you want to rotate in whatever direction. Play around in that dialog box, it's pretty cool!!!! You can drag the bold line in the circles right under "Roll / Rotate", drag the crossed arrows in the Pan, etc. ...And all with realtime preview in your image. I like this whole dialog box/feature(s) better than in any other graphic app I've used. tk
  14. I get caught by this all the time too. How about instead, having it remember the last tool that was used during the last session, and making that active on the next startup of PDN? And/or, an option in options to either do this or select your own favorite tool as the default. tk
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