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get image from clipboard

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i use pdn to create a lot of impromptu tutorials for our software customers. Is there a command line I can use to open pdn, get the image off the clipboard, and size the canvas (ctrl+shift+x)? Or any combination? I am just looking to streamline the process.


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...size the canvas (ctrl+shift+x)?
When you say this, do you mean resizing as sabrown assumed, or cropping? I only ask as the Ctrl + Shift + X shortcut is for cropping to the active selection.

If it is resizing rather than cropping, then to add to sabrown's response, I would agree and recommend FastStone Image Viewer, a freeware image organiser able to resize, convert and/or rename in bulk with no limitations. Until Paint.NET sports batch editing (if ever), then I would turn to an application such as the above.

I would have suggested pyrochild's ScriptLab plugin from here on the Forum, which allows you to create psuedo-macro scripts to run a multitude of installed effects repeatedly, however his plugin does not support the Resize feature of Paint.NET, nor the selection tools or cropping, so batch cropping is equally out of the question.

Paint.NET is good for almost anything and everything, just not batch resizing.

You could, alternatively to a command line routine, use a combination of keyboard shortcuts for the pasting of and resizing of the image:

Ctrl + V to paste;

Ctrl + R to resize;

Enter to OK the resize;

Ctrl + (Shift) S to save (save as).

If you are adamant for using the command line, then a user has before suggestion one that would open Paint.NET with a 'default' image, however this is beyond my knowledge at the moment and may ultimately not be flexible enough for what you are looking for.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have a screenshot program which copies the image to the clipboard. I was looking for a way to start paint.net, paste the image from the clipboard into the new instance, and then crop to selection (ctrl+shift+x). If I could automate these commands, I could set a windows hotkey a batch file to do something like:

paintnet.exe /keypress ctrl+v /keypress y /keypress ctrl+shift+x

Then I could quickly make my changes and move on. no big deal, I just like to automate things :D

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I would suggest you try FastStone,Viewer/Browser (freeware), which has an excellent screen capture with 4 options....It also lets you open into your Graphic Editors......I also use it for lossless crop, printer and resizing.....

It couples well with PDN....

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