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  1. This is a super old thread, but one more thing to contribute. If you have a picture selected using the "rectangle select" or whatever you chose, you can keep the aspect ratio the same when dragging the corners by holding the shift key as you drag the item smaller or larger. Hold shift key while dragging corners to resize item to keep aspect ratio the same.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have a screenshot program which copies the image to the clipboard. I was looking for a way to start paint.net, paste the image from the clipboard into the new instance, and then crop to selection (ctrl+shift+x). If I could automate these commands, I could set a windows hotkey a batch file to do something like: paintnet.exe /keypress ctrl+v /keypress y /keypress ctrl+shift+x Then I could quickly make my changes and move on. no big deal, I just like to automate things
  3. i use pdn to create a lot of impromptu tutorials for our software customers. Is there a command line I can use to open pdn, get the image off the clipboard, and size the canvas (ctrl+shift+x)? Or any combination? I am just looking to streamline the process. Thanks!
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