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  1. Ventor1; that is an awesome piece of work! That disco ball looks stunning! Excellent work.
  2. When you finish working on a gif on paint net and go to save it as an AGIF does it not give you an error message coming up? I downloaded that unfreez program and it doesn't work either, or should i say it doesn't work doing what i want it to do. Just have to give up i suppose.
  3. It does the same thing Sarkut when i change the view to details, i go to save it as an AGIF and the text for the details disappears, instead of before when it was the small thumbnail.
  4. I have windows Vista Sarkut and i'm just gonna try what you mention about changing the view to see if it works.
  5. No, it won't let me save it as an AGIF, as soon as i try to do that, the image, that was previously saved as an ordinary GIF disappears from my documents folder, the thumbnail just vanishes. I'll describe exactly what i'm trying to do to see if that gives you a better idea; I open paint.net, set my first background layer on to which i'm going to superimpose three photos or animated gif's which are all of the same subject. I hit the acquire from file button and browse which file i want to upload, so i see the file that is stored as a GIF, this GIF actually animates though it is stored as an ordinary gif. Now when i open that GIF if i try to save it the way you're describing that's when the small thumbnail that i'm trying to upload just vanishes. If i keep it as a GIF it uploads to my previosly set up background layer. Now i do this for all three GIF's so that essentially i have all three side by side in the image, but if i try to save that image with all three GIF's on the background layer that's when i get the error message coming up and no pic there for review. If i can explain it any further i'll try to but that's essentially what's happening, the actual GIF i'm using is of no real significance as it' could be an animated flower or a piece of animated text, it's the same thing no matter what kind of GIF i load up, they will animate individually but as soon as i build them into a background, no movement.
  6. Ok Sarkut, thanks, i'll try it out and get back to you.
  7. No i didn't do that Sarkut, they were left just as gif, but that's what i did when i loaded up one of the gifs into a small banner to try it out, and when i just used the one gif instead of three it animated perfectly. Also when i open up the image and try to save it as an agif, before opening paint net, the small thumbnails of the gif disappear from my documents folder display when i hit save.
  8. Ok here's the question that's driving me up the wall; i have a few animated gif's that i want to combine into one big picture, these are all stored as gif's not aig's. So i open them up in Paint net make them up into the pic and then when i try to save them as an aig i get an error message coming up and no review pic appears! Has anyone else had this problem? The problem is occurring at the stage where i'm building the separate images up and then saving them, as when i try to put just one of the gifs on themselves, without building them up in Paint net, they animate perfectly. Anyone else had problems with this?
  9. Thank you EER, i appreciate your help, i thought it was Sarkut who had done his stuff there for me, psychic powers you mods have indeed! Cheers for all the help and advice.
  10. Thanks Sarkut, what did you do? 'cos i couldn't remove those DLL's before, but then after sending you the errors when you sent the message i went in and it let me delete them from the effects list. I'll have a go again with the effects maybe, i've got tons of effects but some of those looked good.
  11. Ah Sarkut! you're a wizard! you must have done something 'cos i managed to delete the plug in's. Thank you, so do you recommend downloading them again? won't the same thing happen again? If you recommend it i'll go in and download them again, hoping there's no problems this time. Thank you so much for your help Sarkut.
  12. Yeah i think i'm on the newest version as i checked for updates just a few days ago. Ok here's the two errors i hope this tuns out ok. 1 of 2 -------------- File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\CurtisBlack.Common.dll Effect Name: PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.IFileDialogUICallbacks Full error message: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.IFileDialogUICallbacks' from assembly 'PaintDotNet.SystemLayer, Version=3.56.3972.42618, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. 2 of 2 -------------- File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\CurtisBlack.Common.dll Effect Name: PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.IFileTransferProgressEvents Full error message: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.IFileTransferProgressEvents' from assembly 'PaintDotNet.SystemLayer, Version=3.56.3972.42618, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
  13. Ok Sarkut i've got two plug in error messages about the Curtis Black effects, when i go in they are highlighted in blue, can you talk me through what i do now as i'm not sure.
  14. Thanks for the info Sarkut, i'll give it a go. Thank you.
  15. Just went in Sarkut to delete that Curtis Black plug in pack, and it won't let me delete it! it says folder access denied and you need permission to perform this action ! Never heard this before. Do you know how to take these off Sarkut? has there been anyone else who has had problems with this plug in? wish i'd never downloaded it now!
  16. Thank you Sarkut, you're very helpful, i'm gonna delete those plug in's, every time i opened that displacement map one it said i had to shut paint net down and they didn't recommend going any further, they said it could cause problems with the system so i don't want that. How do you get that problem with some plug in's? are they just not properly put together or? doesn't seem much point in creating a plug in that's gonna be unstable and unusable in the system. Thank you Sarkut.
  17. I downloaded some plug in's and one of them displacement Map has a warning that comes up saying there is a problem with it. How do i remove the icon for this effect as it doesn't show up in the effects DLL folder? it wasn't downloaded properly but the icon shows up. Also what go's wrong with plug in's like this that causes this?
  18. It's a strange one, when i try to save an animated gif, which was originally saved as a gif, the file doesn't change when i view it later, it still shows saved as a gif only. Total newbie here i'm afraid !
  19. Thanks Sarkut, i'm just gonna work with it and hopefully things will go right eventually.
  20. Hey Sarkut, thanks for the reply. The trouble is it's happening with every gif image i have. I'll describe to you what happens and you can see if it rings any bells with you. I open the gif image i have that i want to put into a banner or piece of work, then i go to save it as an animated image at the end, previously it's listed as being stored as a gif. If i click on this image that i want to save as an animated gif, when the preview comes up on paint net i get an error message coming up and no picture. It just says preview file size error. It's probably something simple and i'm just missing it.
  21. Sarkut, i've got everything set up now and am saving my animated gif in the banner i'm going to make, but when i go to use it it's pixelated but it doesn't animate. Any ideas?
  22. Thank you Sarkut, i hadn't looked in there, and there it was when i went in! I can't thank you enough, you've been very helpful.
  23. No i still can't find the DLL for animated image, when i do the download everything else appears before i save the effects but there's nothing listed for animated image i have custom brushes, olden and all the rest. Ah confusion! it'll be me i'll have done something wrong somewhere!
  24. Thanks very much Djisves, that's exactly what i did! I appreciate you helping me. Thank you.
  25. I tried it and when i go to save the image i don't get the option of an animated image, i only get the usual options; png, jpeg, gif and such like.
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