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  1. I know, I specifically had to download his plugin. What I meant was that it is the responsibility of the Paint.NET developers to create a system that makes it easy for plug-in developers to create a sticky settings/preset system. Of course you cannot enforce this in 3rd party developers, but you can encourage to a high degree. Kris clearly pours a lot of thought and love into his plug-ins, and I don't feel it is his responsibility to provide such a mechanism. It should be ubiquitous and omni-present throughout the entire application. Being able to automate a process is paramount in my opinion. The ScriptLab plugin gets halfway there, but this is something which probably needs to be core, especially since the UI is locked. Oh, sorry. I distinctly seem to remember downloading source a while back and compiling it. Did it used to be Open Source or is my memory shot?
  2. Personally I really like having to only press one button when doing something mindless over and over again. Didn't it occur to anybody that remembering user settings is a pretty vital property of an application? If I sound frustrated it' merely because I am. Rarely have I run into an app where there is no solution to the first problem I run into short of programming it myself.
  3. How would I accomplish that? I'd need to write the plugin first. Well, so much for Paint.NET. Thanks for the answer. -- David I might as well write the functionality directly into my own application then and cut out the middle man. Thanks for answering.
  4. Greetings oh knowledgeable ones, I'm new to Paint.NET, long time PSP user but decided to try Open Source. One of the most common operations I perform in pixel editors is to add a drop-shadow to icon images. I found the Drop Shadow plugin and am happy with the results it produces, but it reverts to default settings every time I start it. There doesn't appear to be a preset editor for it. I also found the ScriptLab plugin and I have successfully made a script with the proper settings. However running this script involves far too many steps on my part. Is there a way I can add a button to the main Paint.NET gui which runs the drop-shadow filter with the appropriate settings? Ideally it would even subsequently save the png file using 32-bit pixel depth and close the image. Much obliged, David
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