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  1. It's all very well saying "Move your box over. I do" However when I'm working on "titivating" hundreds and thousands of "backed-up" digi-pix, its very annoying to have to KEEP moving the "box" to see just what changes are happening. And when I have to wait so long for Paint.Net to turn a picture thro' 90 degrees, it is one heck of a lot faster to revert to my 1997 parallel port 32 bit scanner editing program to do that for me ! I wish that *I* was the one "In Charge" of the auto-level adjustments too, I tried it on some pix and it slung in so much "blue" into the pix that I had to stop using it! i.e. It would be "nice" if the user could have some influence over the settings of the "auto-level". I'm sorry if my constructive criticisms are taken as "slagging off" the programmer(s), but I do feel that having the editing boxes stuck smack-bang in the middle of the screen SHOULD have been foreseen as a pretty ridiculous place to plonk them for each and every picture that needs editing attention! It is lack of consideration & thought that placed it there. I don't use ANY "Plugins" ; all I am attempting to do is speed up the editing *&* titivation of the thousands of pix that still need work done on them. It is a race between me and my grave - I'm rather ancient, and have other things I'd like to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil. I don't want to be forever shuffling the ruddy boxes to one side to finish as many pix as possible before I'm fitted for a "Wooden Overcoat"!!
  2. Sod it...... I was pleased to find this program .... BUT.... there are some things which ARE in my 1997's photo-editing programs which make ASPECTS of **them** easier to use than this program ... After all, having the editing boxes smack bang in the MIDDLE of the screen - the point where MOST people place the most salient part of the picture that they HAVE composed is - to my mind, & to put it mildly - lacks consideration of the users usual pre-occupation of having the most important part of the picture right in the centre of the picture!! That the boxes can be "moved out of the way" is useful, but much more so IF they then stayed out of the way and were there until at least the program was shut down and re-opened again later. This was certainly the case with my 1997 programs which I have used successfully until I was introduced to Paint.net, but editing was slower with the '97 era programs. BUT : Apparently, the programmers, even way back then, understood that the user wanted to see the important parts of the picture to be edited & set out to assist them 14 years or more ago, and allowed the "Stickness" factor so that the box - once moved - did not get in the way again that session. That is why I'm surprised that this otherwise excellent editing program had not taken previous user experience into greater consideration when designing it from "scratch" Yeah, I know it is "Free" but PLEASE - if constructive criticism is unwelcome - how can any program be improved????
  3. I wish that setting were "sticky" until changed by the user! Like - I want to save the majority of my pix as 1280x960 from some larger size - but can I ? Can I hell! I always have to retype 1280 as width each time - or 1024 as the height! Another annoyance is that the "adjustments" boxes ALWAYS plonk themselves right in the centre of the screen where I - and I suspect that the majority of us REALLY NEED to see changes happening! It isn't as though the editing boxes can't be shifted to a less annoying area of the monitor screen - i.e those too are NOT "sticky" - they won't stay located in a less critical area of the screen until user moved again! My ancient pix editing program [iPPLUS] from '97 stayed "STICKY" even today! And I might note that a similarly ancient Scanner & editing program turned pix thro 90 degrees MUCH faster than paint.net program. I've searched the latest beta to see if there's any way to make settings "STICKY" - without success. So frustrating since this is an otherwise excellent program. What is this user to do when I have literally thousands of pix to "titivate"!
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