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  1. Completely agree. This feature should be here since it's normal in other image editors.
  2. Yes, you are. You'd keep the export preferences data in the PDN file and just export the flattened version to JPG/PNG/whatever. You wouldn't be able to lose the data by closing because the program would prompt you. So you would be able to lose it but only intentionally. I'm just asking to encapsulate the Flatten/Save As.../re-open file workflow that everyone is apparently already doing. It's time consuming and needlessly so.
  3. I think you misunderstand what I'm asking for. I would ideally like an Export option (like in Open Office with Export to PDF). The PDN file is really only usable by Paint so it makes sense that most PDN files are ultimately destined to be something else. I think it would be helpful to streamline that process, especially if you have to do it many times.
  4. Yeah, I've worked that route too. They both work, but if the file could have knowledge of where it's getting exported to it would be ideal. Maybe a plugin that can store file names, output paths, output types etc. then just do the flatten and save the file without me having to do a bunch of steps to get what I need.
  5. I'm working on a background for my site today. It's a PDN file that has a few layers. I then export it to a PNG for use in the site. Here's the work flow: - edit PDN file - save as, flatten, overwrite exising png - File, Open, select PDN file - repeat It would be very cool to have a single button that you could configure so that the PDN file is aware of the target file. As in, flatten layers, save as filename and so on. It would really smooth out the workflow of making changes to web files. Unless I'm missing something, like an easier way to do this.
  6. The image in the background in the header is a bullseye sort of thing. When I open that image in PDN it's completely empty. But when I use the eyedropper and get color samples, there are plenty of colors in there. The alpha is always between 0 and 13 though. How can I see the pixels? Doesn't seem to matter how much I zoom in.
  7. The title says it all I hope. Searched for this and didn't find anything. The selection in question is a screenshot. My CPU use hovers between 50-100% in this situation. Win XP Pro SP2.
  8. I agree,'s printing feature is underpowered. Irfanview would be my suggestion, I've had good luck printing images from there.