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  1. Sarkut, That is very similar to the look I want! The only thing is that I would like to fade the texture a bit more and instead of her entire body and clothes being texture free, I would like only her face to be completely texture free, and her clothes and other skin (arms, hands, etc.) to be mostly texture free. Did you notice on the original how her arms still had a tiny bit of texture on the edges?
  2. I am trying to put a texture on top of a photo and smudge away part of the texture (but NOT the color of the texture) on poeple's faces. Some one suggested I use an Alpha Mask. I downloaded it but cannot find it on any of the tabs at the top of pdn. Does anyone know of a tutorial that is helpful? I tried searching but all the link were either broken or expired. Thanks in advance!! Btw, I attached a picture of what I am trying to accomplish.
  3. Then how do I see the layer underneath (with the actual photo) to be able to smudge the texture? When they are two different layers, I can only see the texture.
  4. I recently found a photoshop tutorial on how to add texture to photos. It worked almost perfectly for pdn! They only thing that I am getting hung up on, is the tutorial says (for photoshop): "... use my handy dandy SMUDGE tool. (Looks like the hand with the pointer finger).The great thing about the smudge tool is that it will only smudge away the texture, but not the color of the texture. Because I don’t care for it when pictures have color textures but the skin is erased or masked back to the original color and it just doesn’t look right. So this is a great tool for texture. Once you have yo
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