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  1. Great work on the plugin, just what I was looking for! Seems like webp is growing in popularity... If you put your bitcoin address up I'll be happy to send a tip for the work. (www.autofwd.com/bitcoin is a good place to grab a wallet if you haven't set one up before)
  2. Superb, thanks for the excellent plugin. Wish Paint.NET would have a plugin store where you just tick which ones you want to downoad/buy as this would be a no-brainer for many web artists. (Thinking eclipse like..) anyhow, excellent plugin and will give it a try now.
  3. Nice effect! I've been doing this by hand for far too long and your plugin looks like it will give much better results.. Thank you and keep up the great plugins!
  4. Have been thinking about paint.net needed one of these!! Absolutely perfect, great work!
  5. Yes, you're both right. The main distinction is that the stamp tool copies all the pixels so whilst the interior of the stamp is solid, the edges normally leave a visible join which needs to be blended in. Sometime's it's not even feasible to use the stamp tool, skin is a perfect material that causes me time to get looking right via the stamp tool fo instance as the gradient on the skin is rarely constant. The content-aware resizing is new to me and just watched that siggraph 07 presentation and totally blown away by it! Wow, simply amazing and will take a closer look at that... thanks fo
  6. Just updated the 'Selection Obscurer' plugin to now support the lasso selections which gives it flexibility to remove any shaped items from a photo. Also moved the plugin to the 'Selection' menu to match the other plugins. SelectionObscureV13.zip
  7. Excellent work on the plugin! That's going into my favourites now.
  8. CameraTrouserFlareV3.zipCameraTrouserFlareV3.zip
  9. Sounds a fine idea so here we go.. Trouser Flare V3 and now contains a horizontal line in the blue flare bit... Would love to see anything you use it in too, or any suggestions on what else it needs.
  10. Bring back the 90's with lens flares everywhere... ok perhaps not, but if you want to brighten a picture feel free to use my little plugin (thanks goes to the Codelab guys again in making this so easy). Download Plugin: CameraTrouserFlareV3.zip Preview: You may also like to take a peek at my selection obscurer plugin too, I find these two kind of handy in tidying up images.
  11. Here's another very simple but somewhat handy plugin. I've coined it 'Alpha Contrast', it can really help get a good sharp edges after gaussian blurring something with alpha in. (Thanks again to CodeLab for making this trivial) What it does is a value of 100% leaves the picture untouched. A value of 0% will make everything have 50% transparency. A value of 100% will leave the alpha in the picture untouched. A value of 200% will make any source alpha at 50% remain at 50%, src alpha at 25% will become 0% and src alpha at 75% will become 100% opaque. etc.. The equation is Ne
  12. RGB remapper Download here RGB_Remap4.zip This was done to help test tinting for fullscreen effects in movies and games. It will add the menu option to Effects/Colour/RGB_Remapper. Effectively it runs the RGB value through a matrix to remap to other colours so you can convert your Red's to say Yellow but leave Green and Blue channels uneffected. The alpha channel is untouched. Details To use the orthogonal matrix just set the Red value to Red, Green value to Green and Blue value to Blue... this should produce exactly the same image that you see to begin with. From there you can start
  13. iPhone TabBar Icon Maker Download here iPhoneTabbarIconMaker.zip Details For any iPhone app makers out there you may have found making icons a bit tricky with Paint.NET. The magic is you need to use only the alpha channel, as the RGB is discarded by the iPhone and save the image as a 32bit PNG. This plugin will sample the luminosity of your image (RGB value) and convert it into a greyscale (or you can author it in greyscale if you'd prefer). It will then set the greyscale into the alpha channel and set a user selected RGB value so you can visually see the icon in editors. Transpare
  14. Here's a Vignette plugin I've made using CodeLab's C# tool. Vignette1.zip Details To use this you need to create a new layer and select the effect on this newly opened layer (top most). It will generate a smooth shaded border as seen in shows like TopGear and other motorsports. Also excellent to bring the viewer into the center of the picture/give the feeling of claustrophobia The effect is added to the Effects/Artistic menu option. Here's a picture of it in action. Stuart Radforth
  15. (As requested, all plugins contained in this post are now in this one zip file!) Download all plugins and source code in StusPluginsWithSource.zip below Contains - Selection Obscurer - Advanced Rotate - Alpha Contrast - iPhone Icon maker - RGB Remapper -Vignette1 Selection Obscurer: Given a rectangular selection, this plugin will use the borders of that selection to fill the contents to allow you to delete the contents and replace it with appropriate pixels. This is helpful in removing items from images so the eye doesn't notice an obvio
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