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  1. a. Palette has 256 color not 96. b. In the near future I will add support for 8 bit palettized images.
  2. Sounds cool to implement, but currently this is a one way tool.
  3. It will just take the image and convert it to a C/C++ data structure. No size limitation, it will output array as big as you image. You can take the data structure as use it in your code, today most ppl can use resources to achieve that, but under some circumstances (embedded device for example) you can't and your only way to store gfx is using your code data segment.
  4. MODERATORS NOTE: This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.x. Hi, This is an old school image-to-code addin for Paint.NET 3.0, it will take an image and will convert it to code. From there you can compile the image into your code as data. Currently only C/C++ is supported and not all the formats are tested. In order to install it copy the dll into %ProgramFiles%\Paint.NET\FileTypes Cheers.