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  1. Great! Thank you all ans I`m sorry for the false area-post. Yeah... pressing Enter is as simpe as pie. Blame you Vidd =P
  2. Heja together, I`m searching a PlugIn to write down in a vertical line. Is there anything which would help me? I wasn`t able to find something like that by my own Best Regards V
  3. Oh come on, "damn" isn`t that hard, is it? But I´ll take care of course.
  4. Damn! Yeah you are right thats the only way to create shapes like that until right now. But thank you!
  5. Heja, it`s not a big suprise that my name is Vidd, since you can read it here anyways but I think it`s better say hello... so... Hello! =D
  6. Heja, okay I`m searching for a tool to draw a surface with 3 even lines (like 3 parts of an rectangle) with a round "roof". Bah hope this is not to confusing =D I wasn`t able to find one by myself and my programming skills are horrible. Would be great to find some help here Da Vidd
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