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    Definetly I do ;D And I am completely your opinon! Thanks!
  2. Maggot


    It has actualy parts of a vector style picture but it's not like that it is just a vector Style picture. Although I really don't know what kind of a picture it is, it is just picture that I made from an dump experience I had last week... We were on a bike trip and I suddenly got a flat tire that I couldn't fix so I pushed my bike...allone, the others were gone because they were pissed and they are was late, about 11pm and I walked with my bike near a lake...andI saw something like in my pic...then I decided to lift my thumb and tramped home(I chained my bike at a streetlamp). And thats how I got to my Pic
  3. I think your stuff is kinda basic...made by tuts, you know... But even though it looks pretty well done....
  4. Maggot


    Weeeell...the brushes are from Photoshop and I converted them with abr-viewer...but the rest is completly PDN! Edit: Has anyone a good sounding name that fits to the image? :?:
  5. Maggot


    Hello everyone, this is my first post and just wanted to show out my newest here it is: Nighthill That's it! If you have tips how i could do better, just post it in the comments. Thank you for your attention. I hope this won't be locked
  6. Why does my Jitter looks different? :?: :?: I am totaly confused because it is from pyrochild What should i do now?