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  1. Hi, this is my first Tutorial and I hope you understand my English! First you need this Plug-Ins: Dropshadow Outline Object (Extended Version) Gaussian Blur Ok. Let's start! 1)First you have to Draw a BLACK Rounded Rectangle. 2)Add a layer and make the first layer a little bit transparent, that you can see all the things you draw in the upper layer. Next you have to make an Oval on the left side of the Rounded Rectangle. Copy this Oval to the right side of it. Now it should look like this: 3)Make the same things again on the top and the bottom of the rounded rectangle: 4)Next you make the BG layer untransparent: 5)Now the Color comes! First you merge the two layers. Than you select the black thing and make a gradient on it, as you can see it here: 6)We need the selection of 5) again. Now you make a glossy effect with a oval, which has a transparency value of about 30-40. Now it should look like this: 7)Now you give the graphic a Gaussion Blur with the value 1. 8)Next you Outline the Object like in the Picture: 9)Than you give a shadow to it: 10)Now you have to add a layer and and make a black rounded rectangle: 11)We have nearly finished! Outline the object with WHITE: 12)Merge the layers, select the inner of the rectangle we made in step 10. Delete the inner of the rectangle. Don't delete the selection! It should look like this: 13)Make a gradient (Mode 4) in the selection with two white colors (Transparency: 0 and 100). This should make a glossy effect: 14)We have finished! Congratulations! Now you can add a layer under the object and put a image in it. Now it should look something in this way: Or like in the Vista Login: Have fun with it! EDIT: Subjectitle. thx Blai