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  1. Sorry for the wierd size, I made it to my desktop, 1176*644 then it must have shrunk when I uploaded it^^
  2. Cool art! Im putting up one here too, dont be to harsch on me, Im a beginner^^
  3. Thanks! The: "plasma granade that exploades" is quite old, one of my first things i made! I used the exploading planets tutorial for it.
  4. Hello this is m gallery.. I know Im not great at this yet but I will put my work here so you guys can tell me some tips! Abstract ones: Halo related: Enjoy!
  5. Just installd it, but I think I know where the error is, the program that "converts" the brushsets to png freezed up. thanks for the help, and great plugin btw!
  6. 20, they are 2000*2000 are they supposed to be that big?
  7. It uses about 23 Mb without the plugin, but its only when im starting the plugin that the usage goes up, wierd... i used the taskmanager to get that info.
  8. ...Unless your running a computer which struggles to run Half Life on low, I doubt how that's a problem. 450 kb of memory isn't even half of a megabyte, and most modern computers have a RAM between 1000-2000 MB, which is 1-2 GB's of RAM. Anyways, if you want the usage of memory to go down, delete the plugin. Sorry, I meant 450 000 kb, 450 Mb, sorry about that
  9. The plugin makes my computer use 450 k of my RAM memorey, can someone please tell me what to do to make that go away?
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