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  1. Yer, Thanks again ill use that. Ill supply you a link to it when its up:). The site is going to be on my many graphics/Tutorials. Im still learning as well. Any Good tutorial links will be Appreciated. Cheers
  2. Oh i see. Well the only thing i can think of is Photoshop & Flash CS3.
  3. That's Exactly what i needed, Thank you. But ive heard some bad things about using Tables?
  4. If i am reading this correctly this is what you want - http://www.snapfiles.com/GeT/sTiCkFiGuRe.html Tell me if that's any good. Cheers
  5. Not really. Im looking for a basic Gallery to display my work that i have made in Paint.NET. Ive seen them before, Example: Theirs 5 small images and when you click on one it comes up on the side a bit bigger. Dont know if that makes any sense to you though?
  6. The display ideas. As in do you know any simple php, html, javascript gallery's? Or any links on hows to make one. Cheers for the reply.
  7. Hello, I was just wondering im currently making a site and wanted to get a gallery where i can show my designs/Graphics that i have made in paint.NET. If anyone has any suggestions or links for me it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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