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  1. Keep on reading the tutorials and you will learn all the features & Plugins! Then you can mess around in paint.NET and come up with something yourself. Keep on going.
  2. One of the best signatures on paint.NET forums! Well done - 9.5/10
  3. UPDATED: New Graphics Added
  4. Welcome to the forum! Has the whole color box gone? If so simply press F8 And all your problems will be solved. Aussi3ies
  5. My Newest Creation that i have whipped up: Passage Dent
  6. Ghastly Lines and Python Dots have been added! There in thumbnails so click them to make it bigger. Cheers
  7. I chose the season of winter. I named my entry "Cold Winters Night". Here's My Entry: Edit: Inserted thumbnail
  8. Are We Alone? My New Graphic/Image is up and i chose to name it "Are We Alone?"
  9. UPDATE: Life Saver has been released! Check Above to see it.
  10. I love your work! Id like to know how you did some of it. Cheers
  11. Preety sure putting the code in is the easiest and fastest at the moment. Theres other places that may be faster - Photobucket, TinyPic.
  12. Well, Once youve made the new layer you can simply press the down arrow on the layers box. Click on the new layer > Press down Let me know if you do not understand.
  13. Thanks ZizOiz, Ive got a similar project that ive nearly finished that looks like that but better in my opinion! Keep checking back for my new projects. Full gallery is at my site. Cheers
  14. Whats everyone think of my newest projects? - The Time Swirl & Color Pad?
  15. Not to bad. Keep on practising and you will learn more!. My Fav would have to be the woldverine sig. And also on your wolverine/COD4 you could try Effect>Noise >Median to smothen the lines a bit.
  16. okay ill do that now. Even know i have my website with my gallery on it. But ill post images/Graphics here that i want an opinion on.
  17. Yes. Found out how to do it after reading a few tutorials. -Any Suggestions and Improvement comments will be appreciated- Cheers
  18. Welcome To My Gallery Just a few of my graphics. My full gallery is at my Forum, Link is in my signature. Color Pad Are We Alone? A few of my Graphics/ My full Graphics gallery is at my forum: Ghastly Lines Python Dots Passage Dent The Time Swirl Cutting Edge The "A" Graphic (Still in progress): Signatures: Wallpapers: Avatars: For My Full gallery go to my Forum Here New Graphics/Images posted at my forum.
  19. http://www.ehow.com/how_2158398_blend-t ... ntnet.html There you go:).
  20. Ok fair enough. And im also new here and by the look of your graphics your preety good. So do you know of any links to some paint.NET good tutorials? Cheers
  21. Would you be able to supply me with a link of your simpleviewer? Id just like to see how it turned out. Cheers
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