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  1. The signatures are Awesome! Keep it up Grizzle. Hope to see more from you.
  2. Great Portfolio! Superb background. I like it. http://aussi3ies.awardspace.com/beta/ - Just a Beta site im working on and would like some feedback on the boxes.
  3. I love the Wolverine and the Frog! Great Job.
  4. Hello, Use the selection tools and highlight what you want to copy then press ctrl + c and go to wherever you want to paste it - ctrl + v.
  5. I believe you can go to Adjustments > Hue/Saturation Then for the rest of the images i guess you could play around with the settings In Adjustments to get your desired result.
  6. I really like that last one that you just posted. Well done. And the page curled effect looks like a film roll. Nice.
  7. I Don't follow soccer but for the design ill give you a big 8/10
  8. By my experience you could make a similar border by using the dents plugin which you can get here - http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4367 Then you could use clouds effect for the silver border to give it that rusty effect. And also a few gradients. Im sure someone else can explain it better .
  9. I like the stars and Color best. You used the tiles really effectively in color star. Keep it up!
  10. 9/10 Very Simple and clean. Well done! http://aussi3ies.awardspace.com/phpBB3/ Feel free to join:).
  11. Great! 9.99 Love the extra blur you gave it! Well done.
  12. You said you don't know how to add noise to a image/Graphic. Its very simply here's how to do it. Effects > Noise > Add Noise Play around with the settings until you get your desired result.
  13. It may sound stupid but Make sure the brush is set to solid. And just make the width bigger of the brush.
  14. Once you click on the brush tool there is a toolbar where you can select the width of the brush and next to it is the fill where you can select solid and so on. And you can also choose what color of the brush from the colors swatch. You can move layers down by pressing the small down arrow on the layers box. Unless you mean merging? if you mean that then that is simple just press the merge button on the layers box and they will combine.
  15. Yep, The first and last one are amazing! They look great. Well done BiZ keep it up!
  16. Nicely Done. I like most of your work. But your signature is what catches my eye most.
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