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  1. Ahh i remember this tutorial....Still loving the effect.
  2. wow...There's some interesting work coming from you...Id like to see where this leads to.
  3. Im still loving your style kat! Keep it going...
  4. Not to bad. But i like your current sig more! Nice...
  5. In my opinion good overall signature! Congrats.
  6. You have a great style of work here! I can't wait to see what this leads your future work to... Good job.
  7. You too haven't spoke to you in ages...How have you been
  8. Great Signature and avatar!
  9. Thank you. Here's one of my latest graphics. Cutting Edge:
  10. The Nitro Graphic is great! keep the good work up.
  11. From what i can gather "Second Life" is an online PC game...
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