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  1. very strange lol. the green on the left is a little overpowering but it is overal very nice 7/10
  2. i can't see the look you were going for but...very well done solid 8/10 nect person rate my newest!
  3. I can see improvements in your sigs each time you make a new onee~ very good job
  4. render isn't clear and it looks unfinished 5/10 next person rate my graffiti
  5. :AntiAliasingOff: here and there but overall very well done 7/10 i could see that being a 10/10 with tuch ups
  6. render too big and never center your renders (i know its like that in my most recent sig...but really that sig is old XD) i also bellieve you could have done better on the BG 6/10
  7. kewl but not likin the blur around the border 8/10 rate my newest shibam
  8. added more including my first wallpaper
  9. hmmmm try sharpening it....picturing it without the problems i'd give it a solid 7/10 NICE
  10. i really like it and there's not any :AntiAliasingOff: goin on that i can notice...nice! 9/10
  11. love the second!!!! first one is a littled too blurred :? 7/10 but..... second one(to me) is 9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 idk y but i just really like it :twisted: :twisted:
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