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  1. stone GMV, although stone's colours are mono and not very attractive, his effects and defined focal win my vote. Mayor's just doesn't appeal to me. mayor: 2 stone: 1 O_O I just wanted to say, that I am extremely impressed that this is still up and running. Also a quick apology for those that remember, my "tantrum" was an unnecessary overreaction. I originally would have posted a new topic about this, but I do not plan on staying as I do not use paint.net anymore. I'm glad this got handed over to the right person, a lot of thought went into this !! See some of you in the future -wolvy
  2. sry guys!!! your gonna have to send everything to kemaru from now on! caatchya later
  3. I'm really bored! lol post an image with a render in it that you want, and i will cut it out to the best of my ability for you. i'll post the render here asap and anyone can use it! i think this is the right forum--just thinking "requests" and i thought it should go here
  4. very strange lol. the green on the left is a little overpowering but it is overal very nice 7/10
  5. i can't see the look you were going for but...very well done solid 8/10 nect person rate my newest!
  6. I can see improvements in your sigs each time you make a new onee~ very good job
  7. i am truly sorry you feel this way sry i have said anything and i did not mean to start a fight or anything. but as i see you will not take it any other way, my friend the only person i see truly being "imature" right now is you. I was not trying to be "cool" i just had this small disease called...boredome and impatience lol. As i see it your saying your mature right? if you are, you will not try and make people offended and NOT reply to THIS reply- if you have anything else to say you can pm me. I am really sry for those people reading this i never like getting into this kinda stuff. plz
  8. thats nice you have a new girlfriend and are all into school, but i'm sorry....when you say your going to get something done and then about 2 weeks later its still...not done. Yah, i'm goin to get impatient. sorry i have upset you, and I drop out. no hard feelings 8)
  9. hmm idk, should we be able to vote two people guys? thats a good question...might be a good idea but....think tiebreaker how'd that work? I think we should just keep it at 1 vote per person so we dont get people confused or make it somewhat complicated and i know what to do for the prize. you'll just have to wait and see :twisted: :twisted: :?: any help? since there is a new THEME each time and it is all about your tallent and creativity...i have to say no but i'm sure that be okay right? EDIT: i think if you wantde to edit a signature you have previously made to match the t
  10. how about.............................................NOW? wait wait, right.........................NOW? OH i know, how about right around....................NOW? will we have 2 wait 2 extra weeks?
  11. render isn't clear and it looks unfinished 5/10 next person rate my graffiti
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