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  1. oh, I saved it as a GIF so it looks ugly, I should have saved it as a PNG. and I'll try redo it.
  2. I used this tut, and the software box one. to make these: Hitman:Contracts LOTR: BFME II
  3. I decided to use S3D and use random fan art and ingame pictures for the front and back. tell me what you think. (this isn't the official game box) And lord of the Rings BFME II (not official box)
  4. search button "you will use the term wet floor reflection. " it is by Madjik. ciao no there's two "reflection" "wet floor reflection"
  5. LOL, I just say "it's a free version of Photoshop, but not as good though."
  6. you may be kidding about the Alcoholic thing, but someone (Zach) better take anger management. NO PLEASE ZACH STAY AWAY, I DIDN'T MEAN IT, I'LL CALL MY MOM!!!! (I need self defence training, or someone to teach me to stand up for myself)
  7. Here's mine, The only way I changed your's is instead of the custom brush, I used the Splatter Plugin. And I didn't crop it.
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