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  1. Hi. I say first , sorry my poor English. summary This plugin changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency. All pixels(RGB) = 0 , and after , this can change a color. Purpose 1.For lineart 2. To make the monotone photo. This can easily make monotone photo. Of course , even if you don't use this plugin , you can make this image using "black and white" and "curves". For the person who is inexperienced how to use "curves". An interesting effect is given when you change a background color. Download  This made by "Code Lab" Thank you BoltBait. page of Japanese explanation in my site http://paintnet.web.fc2.com/plugin/dpy/blackalpha.htm
  2. OK, but this page is not for tutorial. tutoriai up in my site. http://paintnet.web.fc2.com/retouch/etc/recolorw2b.htm
  3. Hi, I received your email. Is it this image that you expect?
  4. Thank you. I announced it at the top page of my site.
  5. Oh, I'm sorry. I missed new topics. I download it now. Thank you.
  6. I am a Japanese PDN Plugin tester. (This is a joke) this is my opinion, how about the initial value for 255? There is the case that need alias such as the MS Paint. The beginner cannot manage a curve. Kids seem not to be able to use the select tool well, too. please watch my video. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=M76aOWZfHQc I think that this is very good plugin. (Translation = YAHOO text translation+my poor English)
  7. Nice plugin! I introduced this plug at mysite of Japan .For japanese PDN fan! http://paintnet.web.fc2.com/plugin/okikae/admask.htm sorry only Japanese・・・・・
  8. I am a Japanese pdn user. Because the English is a weak point, I use the automatic translation. I report malfunction of Levels Adjustment. Numerical value input of Output white point and Gamma does not function. Please watch screenshot. 3 of others does not have any problem. Is this a problem only for me? using pdn3.22 and winXp 3.30beta1 is the same phenomenon, too.
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