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  1. Hi , everybody. Thank you for many comment, I'm glad. To barkbark00 Nice examples! You taught me about the new possibility of this plug-in. Thank you!
  2. To kartracer , Goonfella I'm glad you like this plug-in.
  3. update added: I thought method to stop crash if (Amount2.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Regular)==false) { Amount2 = new FontFamily("Arial"); } now, testing. if no problem , All right. Let's decide on this plan for now. added 9/29 now,testig pop up error message and testing new option clockwise circle text (maybe 2 or 3 day after), I upload new circle text, after debug.
  4. Thank you for many advice. 1. A text becomes dim when I rotate it using "Rotate/Zoom" or "Move tool". "Ratate text" is sharp . 2. I agree. Surely , this is rendering tool than text tool. 3. Thank you. I did not know it. I try it later. 4. I think so , too . but I have no idea , now. :oops: anyway , many thanks! and , forgive my poor english.
  5. otice. Problem of Letter space is solved by v1.2 . I checked that this work PDN v3.5.4 . It's OK. ------------------------------------------------- This plugin writes text into a circle. enjoy! Menu > Effects > Text Formations>CircleText How to use How to make arched text (new!) Exsample of using this plug-in Exsample2 by barkbark00's idea Warning You can not use some fonts in this plugin.(it does not support font style "Regular") If you choice it , pop-up window for error message opens . click "ok" , font changes "Arial". >> Download <<  Moderators Note: for a version with larger font size (600pt) and larger radius (4000px), use this version recompiled by @AndrewDavid >> Recompiled << Many Thanks This is created by CodeLab. and This is base on EER's CodeLab sample "Font Names" Thank you , BoltBait and Ego Eram Reputo. I got advice to make it better. Thank you , Simon Brown. UPDATE 10/25/2009 version 1.2 upload fixed : Problem of Letter space is solved fixed : radius changed length to center of charactor from center of circle and etc 10/10/2009 version 1.1 upload added : "Angle of arc" for arched text changed : to "angle of strat" from "Start position text" , (changed algorithm) changed : placing in Effects - Text Fomations-CircleText 10/01/2009 Version 1.0 upload . deleted : option "Rotate text" added : option "Clockwise" added : option "Start position text" added : code to stop the plugin crashing with incompatible fonts added : pop-up window for error message fixed : The bug that 1 character cannot delete 09/28/2009 take anti-alias and changed placing in Effects - Render-CircleText 09/27/2009 First post "Circle Text"
  6. thank you , EER . BTW , I found my big mistake. This is not perspective! :oops:
  7. Thank you for comment. I am not a programmer and I do not know C # well . However , Thanks to "CodeLab" , I can create plugin which is necessary for me, and I am glad that you like my plugin. To Boude Thank you for Lesson of the other day . :wink:
  8. Hi , Perspective Effect was completed! The perspective effect of this plugin is the same as it of photoshop as far as I tested this plugin . Of course you can use the conventional trapezoid transformation, too. If you find bug , please tell me. I will add this version to a set pack two weeks later. MENU Effects->Distort->Perspective Interface Ratio1-3 transform to perspective or trapezoid by three adjustment. scale 0.01-16.0 Vertical/Horizontal and Perspective/Trapezoid select vertical or horizontal. Example of Vertical:Normal how to use Example of Horizontal: Linked Ratio1 and Ratio2 Ratio2 is ignored. High Quality Please uncheck if you feels work is slow. Please check it after finishing resize. Download  This is made by "Code Lab". Thank you , BoltBait. ver2.0 add perspective transform (03/05/'10) ver1.1 take Antialiasing(02/16/'10) ver beta only trapezoid transform (09/16/'09)
  9. My plug-in is only three now. If I can create a lot of useful plug-ins, I want to do suggestion of Lance. I want to get help of EER until the moment. :wink: Thank you everybody.
  10. Highlits ... WAHAHAHA! dpy's English is always another world. :oops: I changed "highlits" and plugin name. thank you , everybody!
  11. To BoltBait When I create this plugin, your program had a lot of useful information. Thank you. To tanel explain thank you.
  12. thank you! and good name. give me thinking time
  13. thank you no , this is another plug in . but , the purpose of the adjustment is the same , and so , same name・・・・・ How about "ColorBalanceShop"? or seriously "Tone Balance"?
  14. 08/19/2009 changed the name of the plug in into "Color Balance+" from "Color Balance". corrected a mistake of the spelling. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! My 3rd plugin (in this forum) I created the plugin that works like Photoshop's "Color Balance". Menu setting Adjustments -> Color Balance+ The adjustment range is (-100) - 0 - (+100) "highlight" and "shadows" In both mode , this plugin works like Photoshop. Maybe, it is really the same as the result of Photoshop's adjustment. "Midtones" In this mode , the result of this plugin's adjustment is a little bit different from Photoshop. I was not able to build an equation to completely accord with Photoshop's "Color Balance". However, it's OK , because this is logically correct, too. Download  This is made by "Code Lab". Thank you , BoltBait. japanese page in my site http://paintnet.web.fc2.com/plugin/dpy/dpyeffect.htm
  15. You're welcome. I'm glad! Thank you! please try it
  16. update! enjoy! To Blooper Thank you for advice :wink: To m2lucky Thank you!
  17. Thank you for comment.I'm glad To Patarien Sorry,I am lacking in my explanation :oops: To rtargo20 Thank you for help
  18. I read your comment , and , I'm so happy!! my english is poor , I can't say well , but ,I understood your comment. Thank you !
  19. Ver 1.1 update 08/06/2009 Added Drop Down List "luminosity/RGB" Changed " Metallize" from "Adjusment"->"Metallize" to "Effect"->"photoColor"->"Metallize"(changed 2012/03/10) Attachments Sample Image Changed Hi! My second plugin (in this forum) I like metal and chrome. But "Curves" is complex. And so , I made this plugin. It's so simple , but useful. If you like this plugin , I'm glad. Download  This is made by "Code Lab". Thank you , BoltBait. japanese page in my site http://paintnet.web.fc2.com/plugin/dpy/dpyeffect.htm
  20. I am so glad to know that you like this plugin! I understood your image , now :oops: Thank you for widening the possibility of this plugin!
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